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Philosophy Notes on Kant Essay

Profound quality is completely dictated by what somebody wills in light of the fact that a cooperative attitude is the main thing that is acceptable with out incitements. Each and every other character attribute is just ethically acceptable once we qualify it in that capacity. Kant ethical quality is about what somebody wills and not about the final product or result is. Somebody can be upbeat however for indecent reasons. Kant it is actually the idea that matters. Inspiration is everything. What does Bentham and Mills take a gander at results and bliss. Kant thinks about these things as matter of puzzle in the round of ethical quality. Consider it thusly. On the off chance that we consider somebody our preferred good legend in over a wide span of time in light of the different things they accomplished, realized. All you are doing when you appreciate such individuals is making a decision about outcomes. What we see. In any case, in the event that we are truly making a decision about good worth on what we see we are then neglecting to arbitrate moral worth altogether. After all we have no clue about what the shop assistants genuine thought processes are. Maybe she is straightforward in light of the fact that she thinks this is the most ideal approach to bring in cash. On the off chance that this wasn’t her actual inspiration she may begin ripping individuals off when she could. Recollect what glaucon says. He says it is smarter to have all the earmarks of being good than to truly be good. Kant accepts this is a significantly more comman method of going aobut things that it presumably happens more often than not given that numerous individuals don’t have moral inspirations that we truly have no chance to get of comprehending what peopole’ inspirations are. Maybe Abraham Lincoln and MLK inspirations were not stemmed structure positive attitude at everything except just for respect, popularity or fortune. We essentially don’t know. Recollect there are numerous individuals who were unfortunate neglected to bring any outcomes even idea they abhorred cooperative attitude or good standards. They are everlastingly obscure they are always unknown. He says we should adhere to what unadulterated explanation tells and reveals to us it doesn’t care about outcomes, doesn’t care about activities, doesn’t care about outcomes. It thinks about inspiration. We can never tell anyone’s inspiration just from take a gander at them. Kant contends that on the off chance that we check out the common world that by in huge things appear to fill their end for what they are intended for. Cheetahs for the most part have four legs and are acceptable at getting prey. All things considered, normal substances satisfy their planned reason. Eyeballs are intended to see and typically do. Sure they in the long run pucker out yet for most part our eyes work how they were intended to work. In any case, on the off chance that we take a gander at this bigger thing called the human individual and, at that point accepted he was intended for joy similarly a cheetah was intended to run and catch prey and the eyes were intended to see we can infer that the structure of the human individual weren't right. We can’t be intended to be glad provided that we were we would be a weird inconsistency of nature. Be that as it may, for what reason do we say this since we are species. We are an animal varieties that is characterized by torment and enduring and nervousness and melancholy that outcomes in wretchedness. We are dismal, hopeless and pitiful. Sadly, contends Kant, we aren’t intended to be cheerful. The motivation behind life isn’t to be cheerful! It is to be good. Rather we are intended to be good. Satisfaction may everlastingly be far off however that’s alright in light of the fact that that isn't the reason for being human. The motivation behind being human is to be good and bliss might not have anything to do with one another. Kant’s hypothesis is viewed as deontological in light of the fact that it is about obligation. Kant contends that to be good we need to consider obligation contrasted with what we should do dependent on our feelings and tendencies. The situation is DUTY. We should be persuaded by obligation so as to be good. Ex: on the off chance that we just assistance out in a soup kitchen simply because it causes us to feel great then we aren’t appropriately good. On the off chance that bliss is your solitary inspiration on the grounds that once you quit liking it you will stop working in the soup kitchen. You will wear out quick. Feelings can’t rouse. They can go with yet can’t rouse it. You can’t be persuaded by conclusions or feelings. They aren’t good or improper. They are just†¦there. We can’t help them. At the end of the day we are persuaded to help in light of the fact that it’s your obligation and you additionally prefer to help then that is all fine and great. Consider your happiness a pleasant reward however a reward that is completely outside of the ethical domain. Again contrast on one hand being spurred by obligation while loving it at the same time and then again being inspired simply because you like it is this. On the off chance that you are inspired by a feeling than once you stop having that feeling you will stop. The man who works in the soup kitchen simply because it causes him to feel cooperative attitude promptly quit in light of the fact that he needs to like it. It won’t take him long in light of the fact that it will be extremely unpleasant on the grounds that it’s extremely rank work. You need to manage rank individuals. On the off chance that somebody says on the off chance that your heart isn’t in it, at that point it does not merit doing. Kant would state this is complete junk. You have no influence about whether your heart will be in it or not. Do it since it is your obligation. You just do it due to your normal or objectivity. Profound quality depends on the job and that’s it. So how perform make sense of what responsibility is. Kant says we make sense of to be what intends to be the devoted individual by considering the demonstration from unadulterated explanation alone and to dispose of feeling and opinion. Obligation originates from unadulterated explanation. Acting from estimation and feeling isn't appropriately reasonable. Kant needs to make sense of being a balanced, moral individual. He does this by thinking about what unadulterated explanation is and unadulterated explanation is a part of the human individual that isn't specific to feelings or interests, or pathology or hormones or opinions. For Kant, discernment is something that is substantially more unadulterated. Something altogether bound up with nothing natural. Not all that much. Not much. Not all that much. Kant would have been particularly at home with the possibility of the intergalactic senate. Loads of various sorts of organic creatures with different physical characteristics however all partaking in the equivalent supernatural soundness connected to their specific outsider science. He would have been substantially more in accordance with Spocs dynamic than commander kirk. Kant is spac. The majority of us following up on feeling like Captain Kirk aren’t being really proportion and along these lines aren’t genuinely being good at any rate most definitely. To do the ethical thing is to do that thing which depends working. We figure out what our obligation on what sayings can be universalized with out logical inconsistency. We consider our obligation by means of unadulterated objectivity and unadulterated sanity discloses to us that one possibly acts ethically if their activities are universalizable. Kant it is critical to consider ethical quality along these lines since thusly we can make profound quality certain and plainly obvious. To state we follow up on a universalizable saying is to state that an indecent activity is definitely that activity with depends on a saying that can not be universalized with out logical inconsistency. Consequently, the explanation you can't take is on the grounds that to put together ones activity with respect to taking you would must have one proverb that take in the event that you can't bear to pay. Yet, this makes a circumstance that can't be universalized. On the off chance that everybody took on the off chance that they can't stand to pay, at that point there would be nothing of the sort as robbery. This would obliterate the very idea of genuine robbery. You would annihilate the very idea of property and possession making robbery outlandish. . You can just understand taking a great many people don’t take more often than not. Along these lines to act unethically is to rely on every other person or a large portion of every other person to follow a specific job correctly with the goal for you to pull off not adhering to that standard. What holds for taking additionally holds for lying. You can possibly pull off lying if a great many people don’t lie more often than not. To universalize lying would decimate the chance of having the option to lie. Kant separates basic based and theories and objectives that are straight out or originated from unadulterated explanation. Theoretical goals and clear cut objectives. Kant says that all objectives depend on theories that are not appropriately good. That will be that no activity that depends on speculation that a specific thing will come to fruition if an activity is done can be appropriately be known as an ethical activity. Hence for instance in the event that I base my model that I base my hypothesese that my activity will bring about a specific joy or feeling than it isn’t appropriately good. Ethical quality isn't a methods end judicious thing along these lines. It can’t be. Theoretical goals. Accurately in light of the fact that it is just a theory, we don't KNOW with assurance that a specific activity will achieve a specific outcome. Profound quality must be founded on some specific standards and all methods depend on theory. We think or speculate that doing a specific activity will give us joy or happyness. Utilitarians follow up on a theoretical objective and this is on the grounds that utilitarians are attempting to get great results. The issue with this hypothesis, says Kant, is that you are attempting to achieve something that you probably won't have the foggiest piece of information how to realize. Ethical quality conversely, says Kant, can’t be founded on information that you probably won't have. We don’t know without a doubt how to realize joy. We think we know whether we pass an approach that it will achieve more employments to invigorate the economy however we don’t realize that without a doubt. Ethical quality can’t be a test. It must be founded on a lot of standards or as Kant considers it the absolute goal. That activity which is simultaneously can be a widespread law. Clear cut goals depend on the assurance that lone unadulterated explanation gives us. Just downright goals can bring us genuine profound quality. This stuff about law is significant. In his hypothesis everybody is a lawmaking body of good law. We are for the most part good

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Irving Fisher Free Essays

Memoir 20. 1 Irving Fisherâ (1867 - 1947) Irving Fisher was conceived at Saugerties, New York, the child of a Congregational pastor. As did his dad, Fisher learned at Yale. We will compose a custom article test on Irving Fisher or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now Arithmetic was his preferred subject. He won first prize in a math challenge even as a green bean; his doctoral dissertation,Mathematical Investigations in the Theory of Value and Pricesâ (1892), was a milestone in the advancement of scientific financial matters. This thesis won quick commendation from no lesser figures than Francis Y. Edgeworth and Vilfredo Pareto, two famous market analysts. Somewhere in the range of 55 years after the fact, Ragnar Frisch (inevitable victor of the 1969 Nobel Prize in Economic Science) would state about Fisher: â€Å"He has been anyplace from 10 years to two ages relatively revolutionary †¦. it will be elusive any single work that has been more powerful than Fisher’s paper. † It is no big surprise that Fisher was a full teacher of political economy at Yale inside seven years of graduation. He remained there during his whole profession. Fisher’s primary commitments lie in the hypothesis of utility and customer decision, the hypothesis of intrigue and capital, and the hypothesis of measurements (list numbers, circulated slacks). These commitments are reflected in such works as The Nature of Capital and Income (1906), The Theory of Interest (1907), The Purchasing Power of Moneyâ (1911) - an extraordinary spearheading adventure in econometrics †and The Making of Index Numbersâ (1922). In the Making of Index Numbers, Fisher tried a significant number of the recipes presented in this part by the models likewise talked about here. The couple of recipes that got standout evaluations, (for example, the Edgeworth indexâ and Fisher’s ownâ ideal list) incorporate amount (or value) loads fromâ bothâ of the timeframes or geographic territories associated with the cost (or amount) correlation that is being made. In any case, the incorporation of two arrangements of loads will in general make the development of such records exorbitant, which is the significant motivation behind why these exceptionally appraised lists are seldom utilized. (One special case: The Bureau of Foreign Commerce of the U. S. Branch of Commerce ascertains month to month amount files of fares and imports utilizing Fisher’s recipe. ) The works refered to above set up Fisher’s notoriety as the country’s most prominent logical market analyst. All things considered, he filled in as leader of the American Economic Association and was an organizer and the main leader of the Econometric Society. He likewise assumed a significant job in the foundation of the Cowles Foundation (presently at Yale) as a way to sustain scientific and quantitative research in financial matters. Instructions to refer to Irving Fisher, Essay models

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Portsmouth Portsmouth. 1 City (1990 pop. 25,925), Rockingham co., SE N.H., a port of entry with a good harbor and a state-owned port terminal at the mouth of the Piscataqua River opposite Kittery, Maine; inc. 1653. A regional trade center, it has a fishing industry and seafood processing. Manufactures include steel, glass, and paper products; machinery; and topsoil. Tourism is important, and the city's population nearly doubles in the summer. Portsmouth is the oldest community in New Hampshire (settled c.1623). It was a point for exporting lumber and fish and served as colonial capital until the American Revolution. Shipbuilding was an early and important industry. The city gives its name to the great Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (est. 1800), but geographically it is in Kittery, on two islands (now joined together) in the Piscataqua River. It is also a significant submarine base and repair yard. The Treaty of Portsmouth, ending the Russo-Japanese War , was signed (1905) at the base. The forme r Pease Air Force Base is now an airport. Many old houses are in Strawbery Banke, a restored colonial community on the original seaport; they include the Richard Jackson house (1664), the Warner house (1716), and the John Paul Jones house (1758), where the naval hero once lived. The first newspaper in the state, the New Hampshire Gazette, was published there. 2 City (1990 pop. 22,676), seat of Scioto co., S Ohio, in a hilly area on the Ohio River at the mouth of the Scioto, across from South Portsmouth, Ky.; inc. 1814. Once a steel and shoe manufacturing center, current manufactures include chemicals, plastics, and bricks. Completion of the Ohio Canal (1832), linking Portsmouth with Cleveland, and the discovery of iron ore in the area started the city's industrial growth. Of interest are the 1810 house; Mound Park, with ancient Native American burial grounds; floodwall murals of historic scenes; a civic center; and traces of the old Ohio River Canal. Shawnee State Univ. an d a state prison are there. Nearby are a uranium enrichment facility, Shawnee State Park, and Wayne National Forest. 3 Town (1990 pop. 16,857), Newport co., SE R.I., on Rhode Island; founded by William Coddington, John Clarke, Anne Hutchinson, and others in 1638, inc. 1644. It is mainly residential with some light industry and also serves as a summer resort. The Native Americans called this area Pocasset. The second white settlement in the state, it was an early fishing, shipping, and shipbuilding center, with some farming. The first general assembly of the new colony met at Portsmouth in 1647. The British general Richard Prescott was captured (1777) at his own headquarters in the town by American raiders, and the battle of Rhode Island was fought there (1778). Coal mining was important in the 19th cent. The Mt. Hope Bridge (1929) and the Sakonnet Bridge (1956) connect the towns to Bristol and Tiverton , respectively. 4 City (1990 pop. 103,907), SE Va., on the Elizabeth R iver and Hampton Roads, adjacent to and opposite Norfolk, with which it is connected by two bridges and two tunnels; founded 1752 on the site of a Native American village, inc. 1858. The city, one of the ports of Hampton Roads , forms with Norfolk one of the largest operating naval installations in the world. In Portsmouth itself are one of the world's largest shipyards; a huge naval hospital; a naval ammunitions dump; and the headquarters of the Fifth U.S. Coast Guard district. Portsmouth is also a busy commercial seaport and a rail center, with railroad shops and terminals. Industries include food processing, tool and die manufacture, machining, and scrap metal processing. Furniture, chemicals, clothing, electronic equipment, plastic products, and machines are also manufactured. A private shipyard was built there in 1767; it served as a British base in the American Revolution, after which it became a U.S. base (the U.S.S. Chesapeake was built there). In the Civil War the navy yard was burned and evacuated by the Federals in 1861 and then retaken in 1862. During the brief Confederate occupation, the steamship Merrimack was converted into the world's first ironclad (see Monitor and Merrimack ). The nation's first battleship ( Texas ) was built there in 1892 and the first aircraft carrier ( Langley ) in 1922. Of interest in Portsmouth are Trinity Episcopal Church (1762); Monumental Church (1772; Methodist); the Shipyard Museum, with a model of the Merrimack; the U.S. Naval Hospital (1830); and the Old Towne Historic District. A floodwall also serves as a pedestrian promenade along the waterfront. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright © 2012, Columbia University Press. All rights reserved. See more Encyclopedia articles on: U.S. Political Geography

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The Effects Of Smoking On The Health Care System - 1795 Words

Health is widely diversified in the United States because of the best resources available by the health care systems in hospitals. New inventions are being developed every day, and billions of dollars have been spent to increase the level of health care while lowering the cost of insurance so hospitals can offer the best treatment. Meanwhile, there are people in our society who are excessive smokers and drinkers, and these limitless behaviors have an effect on the cost of insurance and hospital services. The taxes received from products such as cigarettes and alcohol are referred to as ‘Sin taxes’ -- due to the harmful effects that these products have on your health, and due to the increased medical cost for government. Smoking has been the leading cause of high risk problems such as heart attack and lung cancer, and people still continue these unhealthy habits which can lead to hospitalization and even death. The consumer of these products should feel the pinch of paying high ‘sin taxes’. Therefore, the government should increase taxes on alcohol and tobacco to help pay for the rising cost of medical expenses. Since 1991, alcohol taxes have come down to 37%, and there is a chance that this figure may decrease to 9% by 2019. Because the taxes of alcohol are based on volume not pricing, for example, a $4 glass of wine will have same tax as of $6 glass of wine as they both have same volume. The impact of alcoholism is high, and the effect of alcohol abuse is associatedShow MoreRelated Smokers Need Higher Health Care Premiums Essay668 Words   |  3 Pagesactivity, being cigarette smoking. The negative effects that smoking tobacco has on the body have been proven scientifically and today is common knowledge. According to Health Canada, there is a large amount of strong medical evidence that smoking is related to more than 24 different diseases and other body conditions. Including emphysema, lung cancer and chronic bronchitis. Smoking has negative effects on every part of our anatomy and generally deteriorates the health of one?s body. Every smokerRead MoreWhy The United States Ranks So Poorly During The American Health System869 Words   |  4 Pagesmore on health care than any other nation in the world, but ranks poorly on every measure of health status† ( Schroeder,1). Schroeder discussed the two main reasons why the United States ranks so poorly on every measure of the health system. One of the reasons for the low ranking in the American health system is â€Å"the pathways to better health do not generally depend on better health care† (Schroeder, 1); the fact that we have access to advance tools and technologies in our health care system does notRead MoreSmoking Essay1084 Words   |  5 PagesThe effects of smoking can alter one’s whole life style. most people dont give up the harmful habit because it is said that smoking stimulates emotions and people like the feeling they obtain. Which makes smoking long-term addiction. Most smokers recall they started in high school or early student ye ars. They smoked their first cigarette in the circle of group friends to become a part of their community or simply to try something new. As in most countries, smoking is forbidden for people under 18Read MoreIssues That Affect Health Care Delivery Essays1175 Words   |  5 PagesIssues that affect health care delivery When I hear the term â€Å"health care industry†, I imagine a system where there is access to diagnosis and care 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all in need, from birth to death. According to Knickman and Kovner (2011), good health care is an essential foundation for being able to function in society and to enjoy life. People view health care quite differently depending on whether they are sick or well or whether they have adequate health insurance or not.Read MoreThe Prevalence Of Smoking During Pregnancy1510 Words   |  7 Pagescontribute to either the smoking of the mother during pregnancy, or the decision to abstain from smoking. These factors include many scenarios in which the mother may choose to smoke. Younger women had lower odds of smoking when compared with original non-smokers and quitters, and older women with less than a 12th grade education had a higher chance of continued smoking. Women with a mental health history and high stress scores also have hi gher odds of continued smoking compared to non-smokersRead MoreEffects Of Smoking On Tobacco Industry On Health Care1526 Words   |  7 Pageslikely to become a smoker. This bill is an extension to current legislature, the STAKE Act, which prohibits sale of tobacco products to persons under age of 18 years old. There have been proven negative health effects due to smoking and have contributed to the increase in health care costs due to smoking-related-illnesses. What happened to the legislation? On December 4, 2014 in California, Healdsburg passes first Tobacco 21 Ordinance in the state. On July 16, 2015 – Senate Bill 151 removed fromRead MoreSecond-Hand Smoke1726 Words   |  7 PagesThe Effects of Second-Hand Smoke Imagine yourself sitting down to dinner at a restaurant. You are sitting down trying to enjoy your dinner when all you can smell is smoke. Not only are you just breathing in the smoke, it is also damaging your body at the same time. Or imagine yourself at your work place, whether it be a restaurant or office, and you are forced to breathe in second-hand smoke the entire time you are there. In this paper you will be informed of the harmful effects of second-handRead MoreShould Big Tobacco Be Sued for Health Care Bills? An Analysis998 Words   |  4 Pages Should big tobacco be sued for health bill? An analysis A recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada on the subject of smoking is the main topic of my articles. The landmark ruling made on September 30th gives the province of British Columbia ammunition against big tobacco companies. The decision allows British Columbia to sue tobacco companies for damages related to smoking-related health care costs dating back 50 years (Bell Globalmedia Inc [BGMI], 2005). Many expect theRead MoreHealth Promotion For Smoking Within Adult Population959 Words   |  4 PagesHealth Promotion for Smoking within Adult Population Ashley Davis Chamberlain College of Nursing Miramar FL Tobacco has been around for many years. Tobacco was usually harvested and used by the Native Americans for religious and medical purposes. It wasn’t until settlers from the countries across the globe came and found it to be their main source of money if it was crop grown. They would chew it or put it into a pipe: By the late 19th century, cigarette making machines were inventedRead MoreHealth Promotion793 Words   |  4 PagesTraditionally, the healthcare system in the United States has been focused on caring for the sick and treating and preventing diseases. But a new standard has developed. Focus has now shifted to health promotion. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health promotion as the â€Å"process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. It moves beyond a focus on individual behavior towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions.† Health promotion focuses on changes

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The Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment - 845 Words

What can one human being do to protect the environment? Our planet is shifting, we need to help it change for the better. There are many effects that can change our Globe in a shocking manner but, the good news is each individual can contribute to make a better world for our children. People across the world acquired, use, and dispose enormous multiplicity of products which helps to build our lives easier and more comfortable. However, the outcome of this can make massive damage to our environment. Working together with dozens, hundreds or millions of other people, we can influence and change policies which are destroying our environment. Countries are joining together in vast economic zones and creating enormous markets. Huge multinational corporations trade across our planet, we could incorporate the same approach to make a better plant for our children. Nevertheless, working together with people, we can change the world. Deforestation, air pollution and improper disposal of toxic paint contribute to the degradation of the environment. Deforestation can cause many damage to your environment today. Trees absorb greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. They produce oxygen and continue the water cycle by releasing water vapor into the atmosphere. Without trees, forest lands can quickly become barren land or desert. Deforestation also results in soil degradation. (Hildeman,2010, par.6) The effects of soil erosion go beyond the loss of fertile land. It has led toShow MoreRelatedEffects Of Deforestation On The Environment1389 Words   |  6 PagesDeforestation is one of the many problems this world faces today. Many people are unaware of how harmful deforestation can be towards the environment and the animals that inhabit the area. Many people don’t even know what deforestation is and that it’s actually happening. To sum it all up, deforestation is the process of destroying forests by cutting them down or burning the trees down, destroying hundreds of acres in order to make more land available for other u ses thinking that the benefits outweighRead MoreThe Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment1379 Words   |  6 Pagesyou no choice but to run through the forest. Being separated from family members, all alone in the african desert with no home left. This issue is happening all over the place for many beloved animals yet not much is being done about it at all. Deforestation is a major issue for animals, forests are a huge source of oxygen for the wildlife surrounding them. â€Å"80% of the animals in the world live in or around forests†(National Geographic, Munita) there has been a huge increase for many species goingRead MoreDeforestation And Its Effects On The Environment1616 Words   |  7 PagesBackground Webster dictionary defines deforestation as the action or process of clearing of forests. It occurs when humans desire to make use of land covered by forest for other purposes. This clearing of tree is concerning due to the fact that trees are being cut down at a rate much greater then they can grow back. This is called overshot, and can have a devastating impact on the environment. There is an estimated loss of 18 million acres of forest each year. That is roughly equivalent to the sizeRead MoreDeforestation And Its Effects On The Environment1120 Words   |  5 PagesTo start off, thirty percent of the world’s land are forests. (Anonymous, para. 1). However, the number of forests are dwindling down due to the deforestation that happens every year. Deforestation is â€Å"the act or result of cutting down or burning all the trees in an area† (Anonymous). Unfortunately, this damages the land. Deforestation has many factors of what causes the loss of trees. There are ag riculture farmers that cut down trees to have more acres to grow more plants or to have more livestockRead MoreThe Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment915 Words   |  4 Pagesongoing environmental issues, which include water shortages, soil erosion and deforestation. The soil erosion has been caused by an excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers. Deforestation has been a detrimental issue because of the large amounts of agricultural and land clearing, and not to mention the over use of wood products for fuel purposes, without replanting new growth. Another leading cause of deforestation is forest fires caused by man, whether it’s intentional or accidental. Water shortagesRead MoreDeforestation And Its Effects On The Environment912 Words   |  4 PagesRainforests today are disappearing at an alarming rate as a result of deforestation for commercial purposes such as logging, agriculture, and livestock and the probable solution are becoming far from realistic as th e expansion becomes bigger and bigger. Every year, an estimated 18 million acres are destroyed for various reasons, including paper, timber. An average of two football field sizes of precious rainforest are torn down, killing millions of animals and destroying valuable pharmaceutical plantsRead MoreThe Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment953 Words   |  4 PagesAir Pollution Deforestation has been an ongoing activity in both the North and South Island in relatively equal measures. Since New Zealand was inhabited, Maori and European settlers have exploited the forests in New Zealand, reducing them from 82% to 23% of the surface area throughout the country. (Ewersa et al,, 2006). This is a great volume of vegetation which has been removed from the earth’s surface. In return, many harmful impacts are being imposed on the environment. One of these is the increasedRead MoreDeforestation of Our Rainforests931 Words   |  4 PagesThe most destructive and harmful tragedy that our rainforests, specifically the Amazon, suffer from is deforestation. Deforestation is the clearing or destruction of land throughout forests. Unfortunately, human beings are the number one cause of deforestation throughout the world. The reason if this is simply because we use the wood mainly for things like hydroelectric dams that power communities, palm oil for its biofuel res ourcefulness, and the mining for diamond and gold. Another reason wouldRead MoreDeforestation And Environment1402 Words   |  6 Pages Deforestation is an increasing global crisis and is mainly caused by human actions. Forests cover approximately 31% of the area on the planet (Deforestation, n.d.). Deforestation is the destruction of a wide area of forest land into a cleared land that is used for a variety of reasons. The impact on the environment from cutting down, burning and damaging forests is very detrimental and there are severe consequences for the environment and future generations due to deforestation. According to theRead MoreCause And Effect Of Deforestation1259 Words   |  6 Pages2 28 October 2015 Cause and Effect of Deforestation Deforestation is a problem that does not concern many people, but it is an issue that the people of Earth need to deal with. In the past 50 years deforestation has increased a significant amount, but people around the world have been removing the forests since the 1600s. The forests remaining are in danger as the human population goes up, the need for resources will also increase and this will make the deforestation of the last forests come quicker

Commandant Reflection Paper Free Essays

COMMANDANT REFLECTION PAPER (CRP) â€Å" Reflection, in the context of learning, is a generic term for those intellectual and affective activities which individuals engage to explore their experiences, in order to lead to new understandings and appreciations. It may take place in isolation or in association with others† Boud, Keogh amp; Walker, 1985, p19. INTRODUCTION 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Commandant Reflection Paper or any similar topic only for you Order Now The 15-week Command and Staff Course (Executive) at Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff College exposes officers with myriad of learning opportunities in professional military education and training. Correspondingly, the different modules conducted throughout the course serve as touch points for officers to reflect on their personal learning and development journey. 2. Consequently, officers need to dedicate time to journal their reflections at each juncture of the course not just for record purpose but more so to gauge their progress in professional and personal development and growth. OBJECTIVE 3. The objective of the Commandant Reflection Paper (CRP) is for the officers to take ownership to reflect, journal and share on their professional and personal learning, development and growth throughout the 15-week Command and Staff course (Executive). REFLECTION TITLE 4. The reflection is titled â€Å"Are you ready to Lead? † 5. In your reflection, you should consider the following questions: a. Referring to the CSC(E) Graduate word picture (See Figure 1), how has attending the GKS CSC prepared you to Lead? What aspects of the course have developed and prepared you for your future roles in the SAF? b. How much do you think you have developed in both the professional and personal competence? Figure 1 Organisation Knowledge Comprehend changes and trends in strategic environment Adaptive to organisational challenges that arises Military Technology Adept at applying military technology in developing innovative operational concepts and capabilities and fully appreciate the impact of future technology trends and developments Military Operations Comprehend military operations in a Joint environment Decision Making Competently arrive at timely decisions based on systemic analysis of the relevant context, factors and values Life-Long Learning Inspire to life-long learning Develop self awareness amp; personal mastery CSC(E) Graduate Word Picture c. Apart from the course curriculum, what else have you learned and developed in this journey that you feel will better prepare and serve you in the years ahead? d. What would be your leadership and values philosophy? and e. What other aspects do you think are needed to further prepare you to Lead? DELIVERABLES 6. Officers are to journal and share their reflections at the end of the course at syndicate and course level. Insights gleaned from syndicate and course levels sharing will help to further strengthen individual CRP. 7. Details on the paper are listed below : a. Word Count. 2000 – 2500 words. b. Presentation and Submission. (i)End of Course. Officers are to share your reflections in relation to the CRP title at the end of the course at Syndicate level on 22 Nov (Thu) from 0830 to 1020 hrs and at Course Level from 1030 to 1220 hrs. (ii)Submission of Paper. Officers are to submit the paper, both in hard and soft copies, by 23 Nov 2012 (Fri) 0830 hrs. c. Officers are strongly encouraged to develop the habit to pen down reflections regularly such as at a daily or weekly basis, or after each lesson, sub-module or module to chart your reflection paper. Mapping your reflections as a frame is a suggested method as you could build on the frame going through the course. CONCLUSION The CRP serves as a self-reflection on how each officer has developed and grown during the CSC(E) journey, in preparation to lead. Officers should also capitalise on this process and internalise it as a culture of reflection in the course of their military career and beyond. Prepared By : LTC Terence Goh How to cite Commandant Reflection Paper, Papers

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Never Give Up Essay Sample free essay sample

Intro- Wow this has been an astonishing twelvemonth. particularly being a portion of the AVID household. My experience with AVID has been one of the most memorable yet. Before I was in AVID I was a problem shaper. but I was good at school but I could make better. Organization- I was atrocious being organized ; I could neer calculate out what prep I had that dark or were my notes were. Hearing about AVID- at the terminal of my 7th grade twelvemonth I was invited to be interviewed to be in AVID following twelvemonth and I was chosen to be a portion of the plan. I was so aroused. Problem- I receive a call over the summer from my counsel counsellor that I would non be able to be in the AVID plan because I had scored a 2 on the FCAT reading and math. I was devastated I literally begged her if there was any manner around it. We will write a custom essay sample on Never Give Up Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page she said there was nil she could make. First twenty-four hours of school- here we go I say to myself another twelvemonth with regular categories. I say to myself I don’t belong here this is to easy I need a challenge I don’t want to acquire easy A`s. I want to really seek. I want a challenge. So I notify my other counsellor about the state of affairs and she says to me there is a manner that I could still be a portion of the AVID plan. but I will non be able to hold an elected. I tell her I candidly don’t attention because AVID is something I truly necessitate to be in. so we agree on it and immediately my full agenda alterations. all of my categories become awards and progress ( which I had neer taken earlier ) . First twenty-four hours of AVID- now my first twenty-four hours in AVID was so much merriment but I knew it wasn’t traveling to be like that every twenty-four hours. My AVID instructor explained to me everything I needed to cognize about the plan and what was required from myself. My AVID instructor makes a dramatic consequence in my academic life- my AVID instructor has changed my academic life dramatically. I neer in a million old ages thought I could acquire a 4. 0 G. P. A in my study cards and advancem ent studies. See that twelvemonth I promised myself that I was traveling to alter for the better and I did. I can candidly state that if it wasn’t for the clip support and attempt my AVID instructor and equals helped with all my academic work I couldn’t have made it every bit far as I did. Obstacles I had to face- I had to confront many challenges throughout a batch of my categories and I neer thought I could get the better of them and win in anything and everything. I thank that to my AVID household because I knew they were at that place for me to endorse me up and learn me step by measure. from so on I knew I wasn’t entirely and I ever had person to turn to. The helped we received- my AVID instructor dedicated all of our tutorials for those tuff midterms and tests and trial. It truly helped a batch even if I didn’t score such high classs on some of the trials those tutorials taught me how to now panic and clean out. It taught me how to make everything measure by measure. Personal aid I receive- AVID has besides helped me remain focused more on school and non solemnly on the societal life. its taught me to get the better of my arch ways excessively. Since my repute wasn’t known for being such a great pupil AVID has taught me to deliver myself and that it wasn’t excessively late to alter the facet everyone had of me. I wanted to demo everyone at I had changed I wasn’t the same old Stefaniee who merely thought of school as a resort area. I took it earnestly and besides maintained my consecutive A`s throughout the twelvemonth. Besides being an jock in school helped me remain focused on what was of import. Advice I give- To people who were like how I use to be I say to them wake up. you don’t understand how of import it is to listen to what instructors tell you because all they want is the best for you. My regrets- I wish I had have the same outlook I do now when I was younger and merely get downing fresh and in-between school. I tell them I sometimes wish I could travel back in clip and alteration things for the better. Fortunately I have a AVID instructor that is ever there for me to hearten me up and remind me non to shout over spilled milk. Thanks- To my AVID instructor I thank so much for giving me the opportunity to be a portion of a life altering plan. If it wasn’t for he r I would non be a portion of this brilliant plan. No 1 truly understands how much AVID has helped me. it has taught me to be a better pupil. friend and most significantly a better individual.